College Dropout Mr. Beast becomes a professor at Harvard for one day

Jimmy Donaldson, commonly known as Mr. Beast, is a YouTube Emperor, philanthropist, and a businessman. He is well-known for his charity initiatives, including planting 20 million trees and giving millions of dollars to food banks during the COVID-19 outbreak. He has over 141 million YouTube subscribers in his main channel.

MrBeast is the proprietor of successful businesses like Mr.Beast Burgers and Feastable Chocolates, and he has access to a sizable pool of funding for creating YouTube content. A college dropout, who invested much of his time researching about youtube contents added a new dimension to his life by assuming the position of a professor at Harvard Business School as a guest lecturer.

For people with a business interest, Harvard Business School is recognized as one of the greatest universities in the world. Many students from all around the world want to study at this prestigious university.

On instagram, Jimmy shared two captivating photos. In the first image, he was standing next to the Harvard Business School sign and in the second he was seen teaching a class. According to Mr. Beast, it was a humorous experience to have the chance to teach at such a renowned college, given that he himself dropped out of college after just two weeks. The ‘Youtube Emperor’ made the decision to abandon his studies and instead directed all his efforts towards developing his YouTube channel.

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