Indira Joshi Lights Up Kollywood Night 2023

Renowned singer Indira Joshi, originally from Nepal and now in the United States, graced “Kollywood Night 2023” as the chief guest, where she distributed certificates to the event’s artists and volunteers. The successful Western event, held on Saturday, October 7, was a cultural extravaganza filled with entertainment, featuring classic performances by Joshi herself.

“Kollywood Night” has been a grand event since its inception in 2017, known for its punctuality, seamless execution, and pure entertainment. On October 8, KC Dance Center celebrated “Kollywood Night 2023 Certificate Day” by presenting certificates to all the dedicated artists and volunteers who contributed to the event’s success. Joshi, who had traveled from Nepal for the event, played a pivotal role in this certificate distribution and also entertained the audience with a brief musical performance, leaving the attendees in high spirits.

The event was graced by various notable figures, including NEC Board of Trustees President Khilendra Neupane, Dadi Dhungana, and NRNA Virginia Chapter President Bishal Karki, among others. Navin KC and Luna Shrestha, directors of KC Dance Center, welcomed Indira Joshi with a warm reception.

Navin KC, the founder of KC Dance Center, expressed his gratitude and appreciation for everyone’s efforts in making Kollywood Night 2023 a grand success and announced plans for an even more spectacular “Kollywood Night 2024” next year.

The evening was a testament to the vibrant cultural exchange and the dedication of artists and volunteers, making Kollywood Night a remarkable celebration of Nepali culture in the United States.

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