Kathmandu Marriott Hotel showcases their amazing ‘Bubbly Brunch’ every Saturday

What can be an amazing gala time for everyone on every weekend? It might be some time for contemplation, sunbathing, or cuisines that you are passionate for. You don’t have to worry about it, Kathmandu Marriott Hotel comes with a new package of Bubbly Brunch at Tahina Terrace with a great panoramic view of the city. They have brought together this special amazing brunch with live interactive cooking stations and cuisine from the Middle East, Spain, Greek, and Italy, just last Saturday. 

It started with a warm welcome, witnessing live interactive counters, live music, great service, and a flash mob dance shown by the staff of Tahina Terrace and the guests were totally on their feet dancing to the tunes. This was immensely enigmatic and vibrant to behold.

Kathmandu Marriott Hotel offers a happy & relaxing time to their guests who come to enjoy their Bubbly Brunch and which continues every Saturday at their cozy Tahina Terrace. Mediterranean Brunch Extravaganza-Flavor of the week, live Turkish Coffee preparation, dedicated kid’s table, and attractive packages are there to make the Brunch special. 

Not only that, but they also offer a package for people who prefer drinking soft beverages only. So, whether you want an unlimited flow of Bubbly or not, Kathmandu Marriott Hotel is the perfect venue to spend some quality time with your loved ones, flash mob dance, and the vibrant décor with live music set up to witness.

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