Movie Releasing on Friday | Man Sanga Man

Man Sanga Man is releasing today. So, plan your movie outing now and book your tickets.

Man Sanga Man is a romantic action movie set to release on February 10 (Friday). The movie stars Puspa Khadka, Barsa Shiwakoti, Buddhi Tamang, Mahendra Bagdas, Chadni Pradhan, and Shante Da as the main characters. The movie is about the romantic journey of Puspa and Barsa, who have to go against all odds to be together.

Directed by Kailash Rai, Man Sanga Man is a highly anticipated movie as it brings together an impressive cast to tell an entertaining story of love, revenge, and success. With a running time of 1 hour and 40 minutes, the film promises to be an exciting emotional roller-coaster ride.

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