Parijita Bastola in the Top 10 of The Voice of America

Parijita Bastola, a 17-year-old Nepali American, made it to the top ten in the American singing competition, The Voice.

Parijita Bastola, who competed in the top 13, was able to secure her place in the top 10 of the immensely popular show “The Voice” in America with her remarkable singing performance. She made it to the top 10 based on audience polls. 

From the moment she joined the contest, she grabbed the judges’ and audience’s attention. In the voice blind audition, all four judges had turned around to embrace her in their team, admiring her performance.

Parijita looked stunning in a black saree and blouse while performing All I Ask by Adele in the final 13 competition. 

Parijita Bastola caught the attention of many singing aficionados from all over the world with her attractive voice and outstanding singing ability. As the first Nepali-American, she elevated the image of Nepal by presenting it on an international stage.