Top 5 eye-catching 2022 Qatar World Cup Kits

Are you watching the World Cup matches? It’s getting quite interesting, and most of the underrated teams are performing very well, right? How is your supporting team performing?

New iconic kits, including a new home and away jerseys, are also among the major highlights of the 2022 FIFA World Cup season. The kits honor the country’s pride and gaming spirit while also representing confidence and sportsmanship. The 2022 home and away jerseys are drawing a lot of attention from the people and have some big players such as Nike, Adidas, and Puma behind them.

The home kit is the jersey worn by a team when they play on their home turf, while the away kit is worn by the opposing team when they play on foreign turf. If two teams competing in the World Cup have a similar color scheme on their jerseys, the home team (as designated by the FIFA fixtures) wears their home kit. Whether it’s Argentina’s blue and white stripes, as worn by Lionel Messi, or Germany’s home shirt, which features a black center strip with four stars and a club badge, jersey number, and Adidas logo at the center of the chest, these 2022 FIFA World Cup jerseys are sure to make an impression and stay with you years to come. 

Although everyone has a different preference for jerseys, these are the ones we believe will catch the eye for the right reasons. 


Brazil, everyone’s favorite, is heading for its sixth World Cup victory in Qatar with young talent. The design of the home shirt embraces the classic touches seen on the 2002 Nike kit for the World Cup in Japan and South Korea: the famous yellow, and green stripes, and crew neck. A jaguar motif on the fabric, on the other hand, revitalizes the kit. The blue streak continues in their away kit, which also features green and yellow accents and a funky green jaguar print on the sleeves. 


A football classic and Adidas haven’t disappointed with Argentina’s latest home kit. It has retro vibes with the famous white and baby blue stripes, and a subtly tweaked Adidas logo on the chest, as well as three black stripes across the shoulders. Around the back, an Argentina flag pours out of the collar and flows down the back of the shirt like another stripe. 

Likewise, a full purple jersey with rising flames across the torso, reminiscent of the sun rays on the nation’s flag, makes an Argentina-away jersey one of the most daring and stylish away jerseys. 


The defending champions are back in action, sporting ultra-cool Adidas World Cup uniforms. The red home kit features a sporty V-neck collar in the yellow and blue colours of the national flag, as well as sideways accents and the team crest is woven in. The Spanish away kit features the colours of the Spanish flag on the three stripes pop against the sky blue and the bright royal shorts and accents bring out the base colour incredibly well. The abstract pattern printed across the shirt and even on the socks is eye-catching without being distracting.


Japan collaborated with Adidas to create yet another set of jerseys that have the potential to become instant classics among other kits. The stunning blue shirt is covered in white origami-like patterns, paying homage to the well-known Japanese art form. The away shirt is equally as stunning. The continuation of the graphic pattern found on the home kits, implemented in a blue and a red colour scheme reminiscent of the images that come to life, when viewed through blue and red 3D glasses is a huge win. 


Germany’s 2022 World Cup home shirt is inspired by the nation’s very first football jersey from 1908 and has a black center strip with four stars, a club badge, a jersey number, and an Adidas logo in the middle of the chest. As for the away jersey, an interesting black and maroon pattern printed on this shirt looks nice and is a strong foundation for those beloved gold accents.