Top 5 Nepali Moto-Vloggers You Must Follow

In the world of YouTube, the motorcycle vlogging community has been steadily growing, and Nepal is no exception. These vloggers not only share their thrilling motorcycle adventures but also offer glimpses of their daily lives and experiences. Here, we introduce you to the top 5 Nepali vloggers who are making waves with their incredible moto vlogs.

1. MRB Vlogs

MRB is undoubtedly one of Nepal’s most remarkable moto vloggers. His passion for motorcycle touring, adventure, and photography is evident in his content. MRB’s channel not only showcases his travel escapades but also emphasizes the importance of road safety.

With 1.09 million subscribers and over 102 million views, MRB has been captivating audiences since June 4, 2015.

2. Rajkumar Thapa Magar

Rajkumar Thapa Magar’s channel offers a glimpse into his luxurious lifestyle and thrilling rides. He’s not alone on his adventures; his girlfriend often accompanies him on rides to explore the most dangerous terrain.

With 927K subscribers and 162 million views, his channel, which began on September 21, 2017, is a visual treat for moto enthusiasts.

3. Gorkhali Rider

Gorkhali Rider is another prominent figure in Nepal’s motorcycle vlogging scene. He turned his childhood passion for travel into a lifelong mission to explore and share the beauty of Nepal.

Through his vlogs, he showcases the real essence of the country, taking viewers on a journey filled with breathtaking sights. With 376K subscribers and 57 million views, Gorkhali Rider has been spreading the love for Nepal since August 18, 2017.

4. Utsav Vlog

Utsav, an entrepreneur and passionate biker, founded his YouTube channel, Utsav Vlog, in 2017. His videos are packed with adventure as he embarks on thrilling trips with his friends on various motorcycles.

With 177K subscribers and 15 million views, Utsav’s channel is a testament to his unwavering love for motorcycles.

5. Eastrider Kiran

Eastrider Kiran, a veteran among Nepali bike vloggers, shares not only his day-to-day experiences but also lifestyle-specific content. His helpful nature shines through as he aids those in need and promotes safety and traffic rule awareness. He loves sharing stories and experiences and riding motorcycles, all while embracing his unique local style.

With 110K subscribers and 14 million views, Eastrider Kiran’s channel has been all about inspiring and spreading awareness since February 17, 2017.

These top Nepali moto vloggers not only provide thrilling content but also showcase the beauty of Nepal, its culture, and the importance of safety to a global audience. Their passion for motorcycles and adventure is contagious, making them must-follow creators for moto enthusiasts and travel aficionados.

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