Anmol KC as Gangster in Chadke 2.0 Trailer

Anmol KC has gained immense popularity for his role as a gangster in the trailer for Chadke 2.0. The trailer of the movie has already induced quite a buzz among Nepali moviegoers and is creating high expectations for the movie.

“Chadke 2.0” is an action drama movie directed by Nigam Shrestha, and it is produced under the banner of Budha Subba Digitals. The movie stars Anmol KC, Robin Tamang, Kamal Mani Nepal, Srijana Subba, Devu Shrestha, Resha Ale Magar, and Ian Scott Clement in the lead roles.

The trailer for the movie gives a glimpse of the plot. It portrays the gangster lifestyle of the male lead and his quest for redemption, while combating to get the contracts with intriguing action scenes.  The majestic footage of the Nepali landscape in the trailer further enhances the appeal of the ultimate production.

The movie is all set to release on March 3, and it is expected to be one of the biggest hits of the year.

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