Basenji Movie Review: A Raw and Vivid Exploration

Filmmaker Ian Scott Clement takes a daring and experimental approach in his latest offering, “Basenji.” The film delves into the complex psyche of its protagonist, Prabesh, who grapples with the haunting echoes of his past. In this visually striking journey, Clement’s direction brings to life a tale of turmoil and introspection that captivates the viewer from start to finish.

The story begins with an eerie ambiance, immediately immersing the audience in Prabesh’s world. As portrayed by Asim Niroula, Prabesh is a deeply troubled and introverted individual who is struggling to adapt to his new life in Bhaktapur. Enrolling at Basu College as an art student, he embarks on a path of self-discovery.

The introduction of Aakash, played by Supreme Rai, serves as a stark contrast to Prabesh’s introverted nature. Aakash is an expressive and free-spirited individual, sparking conversations about existential questions, conspiracy theories, and the human condition. Through these discussions, the audience is compelled to ponder life’s complexities.

The cast, which includes notable actors like Sarita Giri, Raj Sharma, and Mithila Sharma, delivers performances that add depth to the narrative. “Basenji” is an intense and thought-provoking cinematic experience that masterfully intertwines past traumas with the challenges of the present. It is a testament to Clement’s skill as a filmmaker and leaves a lasting impact, making it an excellent effort in the realm of experimental cinema.

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