Exploring The Buoyant Beats of Hyperpop

Characterised by its radically upbeat muse, hyperpop has recently started getting mainstream attention among the gen-z.

Brash, exuberant tones from teenage artists, hyperpop is a fresh change from the vapidness of mainstream pop. Hyperpop is more production-heavy than other forms of pop so if you enjoy overloading your senses with music, hyperpop is for you. 

Most hyperpop songs reject the exaggerated emotionality of bedroom pop and bubblegum pop, or at least trivialize it. Hyperpop is more than just another music genre, it’s a counterculture. Perhaps the non-conformist nature of these songs makes grouping them as a new genre a bit redundant but over time, hyperpop has become a movement of its own. 

A synthesis of the non-conformity of hyperbolic pop with the heavy electronic pounding of digicore– this genre is the ultimate zeitgeist of the rebellious Gen-Z. In this story, we have put together a list of artists for you to listen to and discover more of hyperpop.

Charli XCX

The English singer/songwriter was one of the first mainstream hyperpop artists. She started posting songs on MySpace in 2008 and was subsequently discovered by a promoter which led to the start of her career. Pop 2, Charli and How I’m Feeling Now are some of her best albums, you can stream them on Youtube or Spotify. 

Dorian Electra

The genderfluid artist is known for their non-conforming persona and experimental pop sounds. Their debut album, Flamboyant, was released in 2019 and they have been on a roll since. 


The late singer was known for her experimental take on music. Her album “OIL OF EVERY PEARL’S UN-INSIDE” is widely acclaimed as one of the best of the genre. Tragically, due to her death in 2021, we will no longer be getting any more SOPHIE albums. 

Ayesha Erotica

Acclaimed for her exorbitant vulgarity, Ayesha Erotica is another popular name in hyperpop. However, most of her albums are off Spotify and other major streaming sites but you can still stream them on YouTube. Vacation bible school, Literal Legend, Underage are some of her popular songs. 

If you find the genre alluring, you will discover a lot of new artists on Spotify’s hyperpop playlist

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