Feast and Flavours: Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine at Pho 99

We’ve come to the end of this season of Feasts and Flavours and for our last food story we went to one of the staples in the country for Vietnamese cuisine that is Pho 99 Jhamsikhel. A must-visit Vietnamese restaurant that offers an authentic and flavorful taste of Vietnam.

The restaurant’s traditional décor, friendly staff and high-quality ingredients make for an unforgettable dining experience. Whether you’re a fan of Vietnamese food or new to its flavors, this restaurant is a must-visit for anyone looking for an unforgettable dining experience.

Let us walk you through some of the must-try dishes here:

Goi Cuon Tep (Shrimp summer rolls)

Shrimp summer rolls are a harmonious blend of textures. Tender shrimp, fragrant herbs, carrot pickle and fresh vegetables come together in delicate rice paper rolls to create a refreshing dish. Served with two types of dips, peanut sauce that adds a creamy and nutty flavor that compliments the fresh and vibrant flavors of the rolls while the hoisin sauce compliments the flavor of the shrimp. 

Seafood Pho

A pride of Vietnamese cuisine, pho is a mouthwatering delicacy. This Vietnamese soup is made with a fragrant booth that’s infused with aromatic spices and filled with a delightful medley of seafood including fish, squid, crab sticks and shrimp. 

The tender and juicy fish adds a subtle sweetness to the broth, while the tender squid adds a rich and savory flavor. The crab sticks, with their delicate flavor and texture, provide a satisfying contrast to the seafood’s rich flavors. The shrimp with its subtle sweetness compliments it all. You also get dippings; peanut sauce and hot sauce.Combined with the delicate rice noodles, fresh herbs and a hint of tanginess, every spoonful of the Seafood Pho is an explosion of flavor. The perfect harmony of sweet, sour and savory flavors creates a culinary masterpiece that’s sure to leave you craving more. 

Pho Tron Ga Nuong

This dish consists of rice noodles, sliced grilled chicken, sliced cucumber, carrots, sprouts and  peanuts. But there’s still more! This dish is served with a sweet and sour dip that is made with the finest carrots and radishes to offer an extra layer of flavor and excitement. It wonderfully balances the savory flavors of the pho. The star of the show, crisp spring rolls that give every bite an addictive crunch, should not be overlooked. These tastes and textures come together to make a gourmet symphony that will leave you wanting more.

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

A delectable concoction of strong coffee and sweet, creamy condensed milk is Vietnamese Highland Iced Coffee with condensed Milk. Condensed milk’s sweet creaminess and the coffee’s full-bodied, rich flavor are well balanced, resulting in a revitalizing drink that is both gratifying and energizing. For coffee enthusiasts seeking a flavor explosion, this iced coffee is a delectable treat that is both invigorating and decadent.

Banana Tapioca

Every bite of this dish is a smooth, velvety experience because of the exquisite combination of creamy tapioca pearls and soft, sweet bananas. The sweetness of the fruit lends a natural flavor that nicely balances the creaminess of the pudding, and the tapioca pearls offer a delightful chewiness that matches the soft texture of the bananas. Every spoonful transports you to a land of tropical pleasure and fills you with a warm, comforting feeling. You must try the Banana Tapioca dessert, which will take you to a realm of pure culinary bliss.

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