Indrive Services to make you quick to reach your destinations!!!

Are you really tired of queuing or traveling in packed vehicles?  And if you want to have a smooth and fast riding experience, then you are in a right place.  We have enlisted some of the most comfortable and affordable ride-sharing apps that help you reach your destinations on time. Moreover, the ride-sharing app has been a very convenient and popular means of transportation in the past couple of years in Nepal.


Pathao is one of the most well known passenger ride-sharing apps which have started its business in 2018, starting from the roads of Kathmandu. They provide a full range of app-based services including ride-sharing, food delivery, and free games. It also offers mobility solutions by providing affordable ride-sharing along with a wide range of vehicles including bikes and cars, as well as by serving consumers with quick food deliveries. You may choose a bike or a car, enter the destination, then wait for the rider to confirm and arrive at your destination. You can pay with cash or digital wallets. There is insurance coverage for both riders and passengers also. This is a safe and secure in-drive service with a speed restriction.


Tootle is the first ride-sharing app that has shown the initiative of sharing rides in Nepal, which has been working really hard since 2016. It is more attractive to the users as it’s less expensive, as well as a faster medium. It is a very simple app in which you select your destination from your current location and choose between a bike or a taxi, with the aim being to offer comfortable and hassle-free travel with minimum prices inside Kathmandu valley. You may pay with your Tootle wallet or with cash.


Taximandu, which stems from the words taxi and mandu (cab and Kathmandu), was introduced in 2019 with the goal of providing quick booking and comfortable services to both taxi drivers and their passengers. There are two choices in the apps: booking a trip and renting a cab, where you may rent a cab for the day and period you require. You can pay with cash or digital methods. This app has also drawn local taxi drivers in exchange for well-managed services.


This ride-sharing app was created in 2019, providing bike, taxi, and food delivery services like Pathao. There are also several offers for promo codes and referral codes for in-app incentives that may be useful for future rides. There is insurance coverage for both riders and passengers. This app provides convenient services to customers in the Kathmandu Valley.


Sajilo is one of the newest Nepali start-ups in the ride-sharing market, having launched their service this year with a unique scheme that allows us to rent any vehicle we want, for any purpose, through the local market. This multi-purpose app may be used not only for travel but also for renting, load pickups, and other purposes.

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