Italian Segafredo Zanetti now in Nepal

Pasa Deli by Roadhouse officially launched the Italian coffee brand in their Boudha branch

On Saturday afternoon, December 17, the official launch of an Italian coffee brand Segafredo Zanetti, part of the Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group, took place in the Pasa Deli in Boudha. 

After a year, the establishment of Pasa Deli under the Roadhouse brand, along with the unofficial launch of Segafredo Zanetti, finally reached a deal that will lead to an important Master Franchise Agreement in the Country. The event took place in the Boudha Pasa Deli outlet underneath Roadhouse café, which gives a breathtaking view of the Boudha Stupa with its all-white décor and pinewood furniture setting. The green indoor plants and bouquets placed around the table bring the minimal design of the café to life. 

The event kicked off with the introduction of the founders of the Roadhouse Café, Ranjan and Chandan Kayastha. Following that, a quick intro video was presented to understand Segafredo Zanetti and the representative of Segafredo Zanetti from Singapore delivered their remarks, describing coffee, varieties, flavours, passion, and grooming. 

“It takes 40 hands to get a cup of coffee we’re enjoying now, from farmers all the way through logistics, cleaning part, processing, to the final touches from the Barista, everything makes a difference to have a genuine taste of a coffee,” Joey Mak (General Sales Manager at Boncafe, Singapore) shared. 

The event was easygoing, and the guests loved having their favourite cup of coffee prepared for them. The guest list included Asmi Shrestha (Miss Nepal 2016, Fashion Model, and Interior Designer) and food blogger Foodie Nepal to name a few.

Penned By: Utsav Pun

Photos By: Sankalpa Nakarmi

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