Tashi R Ghale—capturing the grandeur of Himalayan essence 

Just as the adage “images speak for themselves,” the photographs taken by Tashi R Ghale convey the narrative in and of itself.

Native to Manang, Tashi R Ghale has been around the snowy ecosystem since birth. Early in the 1990s, he commenced his photography odyssey with the intent of capturing and portraying the grandeur of Himalayan essence. He emphasised the landscape, wildlife, and mountains of Manang. Today, he is a well-known and influential photographer who has received innumerable national and international honours. Although he is best known for photographing snow leopards, his striking work is not restricted to these majestic canines. His lens has captured the inherent allure and landscape of the places he has been.

With about three decades in the photography field, Ghale has seen it all. He enjoys every aspect of photography—the patience required to click that one perfect click or the journey to the place with the ideal angle. What aspect of wildlife photography is the most challenging? “The ultimate, flawless click erases all the exhaustion,” he said, no matter how arduous, frigid, or compromised the journey is.

Many shutterbugs and photography enthusiasts are exploring and adoring the recent photographic exhibition, Melting Paradise, which consolidates the magnificently snapped shots of snow leopards and landscapes of Manang by Ghale. The exhibition spans from November 26 to December 25 at the Windhorse Gallery in Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur. Ghale asserts that the paramount objective of staging the exhibition is to enlighten the public on the status of the snow leopard and how climate change is affecting the ecology of the mountain region.

Aside from photography, he is actively involved in the conservation, awareness, and advancement of Nepal’s tourism industry. He is also involved in the hospitality industry and runs Hotel Mountain Lake in Manag with the best possible hospitality service.

Many young people lament their lack of access to the most up-to-date tools in today’s era of technology and new inventions sprouting every day. When asked about the affordability and necessity of expensive and modern equipment, Ghale responded that his passion thrives on exhibiting masterpieces regardless of gear.

Does recognition matter to you? Are the photographers in Nepal receiving the recognition that they deserve? “I never work for recognition, and I am always grateful to be a part of the profession I’ve always yearned for, but who doesn’t cherish the appreciation for their work every once in a while?” Ghale shared. Looking back on the journey, he noted that although nationally, his work was restricted to just his professional network, he has received myriad acclaim and encouragement on an international tier. “Fortunately, owing to the rise of social media, lately, not only my work but also many other masterpiece creations and creators are receiving the recognition they rightfully deserve.”

“The copyright to the artistry and workmanship is one significant aspect in Nepal that needs to be addressed. It is extremely distressing when companies and individuals seek free access to the creations that creators have poured so much energy into creating,” Ghale addressed. 

Ghale further added, “On a positive note, the domain of photography is now more diversified and has boundless potential to welcome the new generation of photographers.”