Sushma Tamang secures Silver Medal in ASBC in Thailand

Sushma Tamang, a 20-year-old Nepalese boxer, secured a historic silver medal in the ASBC U-22 Men’s and Women’s Boxing Championship in Bangkok, Thailand. In the women’s 45 to 48 division, she lost 5-0 in the final match to Fozilova Farzona of Uzbekistan, but she conquered the hearts of the Nepalese people and became an inspiration to many boxers. After defeating the Mongolian opponents, she entered the final match where she encountered an Uzbekistan boxer and became the only boxer from Nepal to win a silver medal in the Asian level championship. The government has decided to reward her with Rs6 lakh. 

This is the first time any boxer from Nepal makes it to the final and secures a silver medal in the Asian Boxing Championship. Before Nepal had secured many bronze medals but never gone further than that. 

In the final match of the ASBC U-22 Men’s and Women’s Boxing Championship in Bangkok, Fozilova Farzona achieved victory, followed by Nepal’s Sushma Tamang, Mongolia’s Byeisyenbyei Janarguli, and Thailand’s Yodwaree Thipstcha.

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