The Village Cafe Pulchowk: Where Flavors Tells a Story

Nestled enchantingly in Pulchowk, The Village Cafe artfully weaves the rich tapestry of Newari heritage with contemporary comfort, resulting in a captivating haven of both ambiance and culinary delights. A serene retreat for cherished moments with friends and family, the cafe offers an elevated perspective from its rooftop, allowing guests to bask in the Pulchowk area’s allure during the balmy summer months.

Inside, the interior echoes with authentic Newari essence, cocooning guests in warmth. This graceful fusion of snug charm and modern flair exudes an inviting vibrancy, further enhanced by the cafe’s gracious hosts and tasteful decor, truly rendering it a treasured sanctuary.

Salad Bowl

We had their Salad Bowl, a quintessential Nepali delight featuring corn, chickpeas, grains, beetroot, tofu, and carrots. The dressing, a blend of pure mustard oil, zesty lemon juice, minced garlic, honey, and basil, infused every bite with freshness. Vibrant, fulfilling, and artfully presented, it was a refreshing symphony of flavors that left a lasting impression.

Veg Pizza Chatamari

Indulge in Chatamari, akin to Newari pizza, where a delicate, soft, and thin crepe forms the base. Topped with veggies like capsicum, onion, and tomato, it’s embellished with homemade ketchup. A healthier, exquisite rendition of pizza adorned with fresh, homemade ingredients, Chatamari captures both the eyes and the palate in its culinary allure.


Yomari, a dainty Newari delicacy fashioned into fish-like shapes, boasts an enchanting appearance with its delicate white rice flour exterior. Concealed within are delectable fillings, often sweet. The offering featured six alluring variations, from Chaku and Khuwa to Chocolate and Meat. Each morsel, tender and succulent, encapsulated a burst of flavors. A true delight that left an enduring fondness.

Mixed Meat Platter

Savor the exquisite Mixed Meat Platter, a culinary journey through buffalo and chicken inner organs. The platter boasts delicacies like buffalo lungs, the tender Syapu Mheecha made from buffalo intestines, and bone marrow-filled delights. Expertly fried chicken gizzards (pangra), spiced to perfection, join the ensemble, along with the culinary gem Kha Gwoh, revealing the buffalo’s succulent belly. This symphony of flavors harmonizes with a homemade hot and spicy sauce, creating a fulfilling and fiery experience that elevates your palate.

Yomari Chocolate Sundae

A delectable conclusion arrived in the form of a Yomari Chocolate Sundae. This indulgence proved an ideal finale, featuring a velvety chocolate yomari crowned with luscious chocolate ice cream. A tantalizing blend of flavors that catered to those with a penchant for sweetness, this dessert provided a flawless ending to the culinary journey.

Lakhe Shots

The Lakhe shots featured an authentic cocktail with the essence of local aila, where carefully infused herbs matured for 24 hours, resulting in an irresistibly addictive and remarkable taste. This enchanting blend of local flavors added an extraordinary touch to our drinks, enhancing the overall experience.

Red Lagoon

The Red Lagoon mocktail, a symphony of lemon juice, grenadine syrup, and Sprite over ice, refreshed our senses. This chilled concoction complemented any cuisine, offering a light and revitalizing option. An ideal choice for the scorching summer, its invigorating essence provided a perfect balance of flavors, leaving us thoroughly rejuvenated.

In essence, our dining experience at The Village Cafe Pulchowk was nothing short of extraordinary. The remarkable staff ensured that every moment was memorable, enhancing the overall culinary journey. The enchanting ambiance, coupled with the breathtaking view from the rooftop, created an immersive setting that elevated the entire experience. The fusion of flavors in every dish showcased their dedication to promoting Newari and mixed cuisine, leaving us enchanted by the symphony of tastes that painted our evening.

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