Wano Arc: 10 Standout Aspects in One Piece

With the manga and anime worlds eagerly following the unfolding adventures of Luffy and his crew, it’s no secret that the Wano arc in One Piece stands as one of the most thrilling and ambitious arcs to date. Bursting with captivating storytelling, high-octane action, and heartwarming moments, Wano has earned a well-deserved place in the hearts of fans. Let’s delve deeper into the ten aspects that make the Wano arc a standout chapter in the One Piece saga.

1. Resolving Unanswered Questions: Kanjuro’s Betrayal and the Clarity It Brought

The enigmatic nature of the Emperor saga left fans with numerous puzzling questions. Jack’s forces somehow discovered the Minks’ secret, and Orochi had knowledge of the true meaning behind the rendezvous point. Kanjuro’s betrayal acted as a key to unlocking these mysteries. His deceitful character, lurking among the heroes since Dressrosa, set the stage for a gripping final showdown with the Scabbards.

2. Luffy’s Peak Potential: The Revelation of Gear 5 and Its Role in Kaido’s Defeat

For a long time, fans theorized that Luffy might unlock a fifth gear form, yet the true nature and significance of Gear 5 took everyone by surprise. It played a pivotal role in Luffy’s confrontation with the colossal Kaido, unlocking new dimensions of his powers. His victory over the most potent living creature in the world might suggest that he has reached his fullest potential, setting the stage for even more remarkable battles.

3. Roger and Whitebeard’s Context: The Significance of Oden’s Time with Legends

Roger and Whitebeard’s legendary status in the One Piece world made their deaths significant turning points in the series, but it also left fans yearning to learn more about their lives and abilities. The Wano arc masterfully contextualized the characters of these two legends, offering insight into their personalities and capabilities through Oden’s experiences with them. It was a revelation that added depth to the story while also giving us a glimpse of their epic clash, revealing Whitebeard’s extraordinary strength and mastery of advanced armament haki. Notably, the flashback also hinted at the future prominence of characters like Blackbeard, Shanks, and even the ever-enigmatic Buggy.

4. Luffy’s Growth in Udon: Advanced Armament Haki Training and Its Impact on the Final Battle

The Udon subplot significantly enriched the narrative by exploring the world of the Beast Pirates and their ruthless leaders, Queen and King. It also facilitated the reunion of Luffy and Kid, forming an uneasy alliance that added tension to the storyline. Crucially, Luffy’s time in Udon provided him with an opportunity to hone his advanced armament haki skills under the guidance of the wise Hyogoro. This made his final battle with Kaido feel more earned and less reliant on spontaneous power-ups.

5. Big Mom and Kaido Alliance: Resolving Lingering Issues and Strengthening the Beast Pirates

The Whole Cake Island arc left certain narrative threads hanging, particularly concerning Big Mom and her children. The unexpected alliance between Big Mom and Kaido resolved these issues, leading to the closure of Big Mom’s arc and providing the Beast Pirates with much-needed reinforcement. Without Big Mom’s help, Kaido’s forces would have been hard-pressed to fend off three members of the Worst Generation: the samurai and the formidable minks.

6. Minks’ Revenge: Seizing the Opportunity for Vengeance During the Onigashima Raid

The minks, who suffered greatly during the Zou arc, finally seized their opportunity for retribution during the raid on Onigashima. With the combined forces of the Big Mom pirates and the Animal Kingdom pirates, their adversaries were conveniently corralled into one location. Furthermore, the presence of a full moon allowed the minks to access their enhanced forms, unleashing their true strength and exacting sweet revenge against Kaido’s henchmen. This also provided them with closure regarding the traumatic invasion of Zunisha by Jack.

7. Law’s Alliance Pays Off: A Decade-Long Alliance That Came to Fruition

The strategic alliance between Trafalgar Law and Luffy, forged years ago at the Sabaody Archipelago and further cemented in Punk Hazard, had been a central plot point for a decade. It had endured questions and doubts about Luffy’s judgment. However, the battle for Onigashima was the moment of truth where the purpose of their alliance was fully realized. While Law might not have personally defeated Kaido, his actions against Big Mom significantly contributed to Luffy’s subsequent victory. The coalition of the two pirate crews proved indispensable, as it was only through their combined efforts that they could topple the formidable emperors.

8. Depth in Villain Characters: Multi-Faced Villains in Wano

Previous arcs often presented villains as mere roadblocks to be overcome. They typically lacked depth, backstory, or multifaceted personalities. Wano broke away from this trend, providing a rich and intricate characterization of its antagonists. Characters like Queen, the quirky biochemist with a penchant for entertaining, and Jack, who held a unique place in Kaido’s heart despite being the weakest of the lead performers, were fascinating additions. Even Orochi, who was widely reviled by the fanbase, was given a well-structured and comprehensive backstory that explained his origins and motivations. This added layer of depth to the villains enhanced the overall storytelling.

9. Every Straw Hat’s Contribution: Unifying the Straw Hat Crew and Their Roles in Wano

In many previous arcs, the Straw Hat crew members played uneven roles, and the vast number of characters often led to the sidelining of certain crewmates for extended periods. The Dressrosa and Whole Cake Island arcs, for instance, saw some Straw Hats written out of the central plot. In contrast, the Wano arc successfully reunited the entire crew and ensured that each member had a meaningful role to play. Even characters like Brook and Chopper, who had at times been overlooked, had their moments to shine. Brook’s spine-tingling scare tactics against Orochi’s forces and Chopper’s medical expertise in dealing with Queen’s plagues were just some examples of the crew’s invaluable contributions. This development holds the promise of the Straw Hat crew remaining united and actively involved in future events.

10. Oden’s Backstory: The Foundation for Present-Day Events

The character of Oden was a standout in the Wano arc, serving as a bridge between the past and the present. His character contributed significantly to the contextualization of Wano and the broader world of One Piece. His role in forming the Nine Red Scabbards, the reason behind their lack of aging, and his true paternity as Momonosuke were all pivotal elements. Additionally, Oden’s encyclopedic knowledge of poneglyphs played a crucial role in Roger’s quest to uncover the One Piece. Without his ability to decipher ancient runes and guide his comrades, the epic narrative of One Piece would not have been possible.

In conclusion, the Wano arc is a monumental chapter in the One Piece series, delivering answers to longstanding questions, character development, thrilling battles, and depth in storytelling that has resonated with fans across the globe. As we eagerly await the next stages of Luffy’s journey, the Wano arc will continue to stand as a testament to the intricate and compelling world of One Piece.

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