5 Senses of Gifts for Him

Valentine’s Day falls in this week, but if you still can’t decide what to get him, here are some suggestions that say, “I love you with all my senses.”

Sense of Sound

These items you present will literally be like music to his ears in terms of the sense of sound! Make him a playlist of love songs or buy him tickets to concerts. You can also buy him speakers or headphones too.

Sense of Touch

Touch is the one of the most intimate one of all five. Gift him anything that gets his hands on- cashmere scarf, shaving kit, massager or you can you also give him a warm hug!

Sense of Smell

It includes anything that has a pleasant scent or brings back a particular memory. Send him some flowers, scented candles, cologne, perfume, or prepare him a delicious dinner.

Sense of Taste

Food is the way to a man’s heart! Give him a flavorful gift. It can be basket of chocolates, desserts, liquor or treat him at his favorite restaurant.

Sense of Sight

It is the most flexible one on the list. It incorporates you showing your love for them. It can be décor items, pictures of both of you together, movie tickets or even books.

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