Authentic Dashain Celebration: Must-Do Activities

Dashain, the grandest and most cherished festival in Nepal, is a 15-day celebration that brings families together, fosters traditions, and fills the air with joy. It’s a time when people travel to be with their loved ones, exchange gifts, and relish traditional feasts. The festival, known for its customs and rituals, also features some unique activities that make it truly special.

Kite Flying: Dashain Kites

Kite-flying is a hallmark of Dashain. As the festival kicks off, people flock to the markets to purchase colorful kites. These kites, often adorned with images of gods and goddesses, take to the skies from the rooftops of homes. It’s a delightful sight, with kites soaring against the backdrop of the clear, blue sky. The symbolism of flying kites during Dashain goes beyond the exhilaration of the activity. It represents the freedom and victory of good over evil, echoing the core theme of the festival.

Swinging into Fun: Dashain Ping

Another cherished activity during Dashain is playing on swings, known as “ping.” Swings are set up in various locations, and people of all ages indulge in the joy of swinging high into the air. It’s a time for exhilaration and laughter, a reminder of the carefree spirit of childhood that Dashain rekindles.

Reconnecting and blessings

Dashain is about connecting with family and friends. It’s a time when people make an extra effort to visit their loved ones, renewing bonds and sharing blessings. Elders apply “tika,” a mixture of rice and red abir dye, to the foreheads of their younger family members. The tradition also involves placing baby paddy plants, known as “jamara,” on the recipient’s head. Along with tika and jamara, blessings and “Dakshina” (cash offerings) are given. It’s a beautiful gesture that symbolizes love, respect, and the passing on of family values.

Card Games and Laughter

Dashain is not just about traditions; it’s also about having a great time with family and friends. Card games are a popular way to bond and enjoy the festive season. Laughter and friendly competition fill the air as people gather to play cards and create wonderful memories.

Beyond these special activities, Dashain is a time for savoring delicious food, embarking on tours and trips, and exploring various adventures. It’s a festival that brings people together, reaffirms cultural values, and ignites the spirit of togetherness. As Dashain approaches, Nepal brims with excitement and anticipation as people prepare to revel in the beauty of tradition, connection, and celebration.

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