Ayanka’s Second Birthday: A Disney Adventure

Nepal’s beloved actress and model, Priyanka Karki, along with her husband, the renowned model and actor Ayushman Desraj Shrestha, recently created waves of joy as they celebrated their adorable daughter Ayanka’s second birthday. The couple, known for their talent and charm, shared glimpses of their family’s heartwarming celebration on social media, giving their fans a reason to smile.

Little Ayanka, the apple of her family’s eye, turned two, and her doting family left no stone unturned in making her day extra special. The highlight of this joyous occasion was a magical trip to Disneyland, Hong Kong, where the family was seen reveling in the enchanting world of Disney characters and thrilling rides. Priyanka shared pictures capturing their sheer happiness and contentment during their vacation, which quickly became the talk of the town.

The birthday celebration continued back home with a delightful Mickey Mouse-themed party attended by friends and family. Priyanka’s Instagram story was adorned with snapshots of this charming event, showcasing the love and warmth surrounding Ayanka.

Known for her talent and grace, Priyanka also penned a heartfelt birthday note on her Instagram, expressing her love for her little one. Ayanka, a cheerful and adorable child, is undoubtedly showered with love from her grandparents and uncle, making her the heart and soul of her family.

As Ayanka continues to grow, her parents, Priyanka and Ayushman, are cherishing every moment with their bundle of joy, creating beautiful memories together.

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