BTS’s Suga Begins Mandatory Military Service

The BTS fandom received another bittersweet moment as Suga, known as Min Yoongi in real life, commenced his mandatory military service in South Korea. Following in the footsteps of Jin and J-Hope, Suga embarked on this important journey on Friday, September 22,2023, leaving a heartfelt message for his millions of fans on Weverse.

In his farewell message, Suga expressed his gratitude to ARMY, acknowledging that his journey as an artist had been possible because of their unwavering support. He pledged to dutifully fulfill his service and return to the music scene, signifying his commitment to both his country and his passion.

“Be careful of the chilly autumn weather. Stay healthy and see you all in 2025!” he affectionately added, providing reassurance to his fans during his absence.

It’s worth noting that Suga has been deemed unfit for regular combat duty, reportedly due to a shoulder injury. Consequently, he will serve as a social service agent, contributing to society in a different capacity.

As fans eagerly await his return, Suga’s temporary departure serves as a reminder of the dedication and sacrifice artists like him make for their country. BTS will undoubtedly continue to shine in his absence, and the ARMY eagerly anticipates the day when they can welcome Suga back with open arms.

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