Coming Soon: ‘Pardesi 2’ – A Story of Nepali Youth’s Choices

In a powerful move that reflects the aspirations and challenges faced by Nepal’s younger generation, the creators of “Pardeshi 2” have embarked on a cinematic journey to bring their stories to life. With a promotional campaign that began two months ago and a newly released song, the film delves into the compelling reasons why young Nepalis choose to migrate to industrialized nations rather than staying and working in their homeland.

For many Nepali youths who have completed their higher education, the pursuit of a better job and an improved quality of life in Nepal remains an elusive dream. The harsh reality is that weak political governance and inadequate infrastructure development have hindered the growth of opportunities at home. Consequently, many talented individuals are forced to seek their fortunes in foreign lands.

Co-produced by Narayan International, Rajesh Bansal, and Narayan Rayamajhi, “Pardeshi 2” features a talented cast including Prakash Saput, Dilip Rayamajhi, Prashant Tamang, Keki Adhikari, and Barsha Siwakoti. Prakash Saput, making his debut in this thought-provoking film, is brimming with excitement.

Mark your calendars, because “Pardeshi 2” is set to hit theaters all across Nepal on September 30, 2022. This movie promises to not only entertain but also shed light on the pressing issues that drive Nepali youth to seek opportunities abroad. It’s a story that resonates with countless young hearts and minds, making it a must-watch for anyone passionate about the future of Nepal’s talented youth.

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