Dashain Travel Made Easy: Top 5 Ride-Sharing Apps

As Dashain, the most significant Hindu festival in Nepal, approaches, the excitement for family gatherings, blessings, and feasting is palpable. Dashain is a time for reuniting with loved ones, and for many, this involves traveling to celebrate with family and friends. While traditional transportation methods are still prevalent, ride-sharing apps have quickly gained popularity, offering a more convenient and efficient way to reach your Dashain destinations. Here, we highlight the top five ride-sharing apps that will make your Dashain travels a breeze.

1. Pathao: The Leading Choice

Pathao, one of the most renowned ride-sharing platforms in Nepal, made its debut in 2018. With a wide range of services, including bikes, cabs, and food delivery, Pathao quickly gained popularity among the Nepalese. Notably, the company introduced insurance coverage for both riders and users, enhancing the safety of their services. Pathao has become a household name, offering user-friendly features like in-app games, referral programs, and discount vouchers. This Dashain, put your trust in Pathao and enjoy the festivities with peace of mind.

2. InDriver: Unique Fare Bargaining

InDriver, hailing from the coldest place on earth, Yakutsk, Russia, brings a unique concept to the Nepalese market. This international app allows users to negotiate fares for their trips, giving them more control over their transportation costs. With its user-friendly interface and intercity ride options, inDriver is the perfect choice for those looking for affordability and flexibility during the Dashain season.

3. Tootle: The Pioneer

Tootle is the pioneer of the ride-sharing concept in Nepal, launching in 2017 as a Nepalese startup. It quickly gained recognition as a cost-effective and efficient alternative to traditional taxis and public transportation. Initially starting with bike services, Tootle later introduced taxi services. The app also features a wallet for digital transactions, making payments seamless for users. Enjoy the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of Tootle as you journey to celebrate Dashain with your loved ones.

4. Sahara: A Rising Star

Sahara, another homegrown Nepali startup, entered the ride-sharing scene in December 2019. Offering a variety of services, including bike, taxi, and food delivery, Sahara stands out with its commendable 0% commission rate for riders. The app’s sleek layout, Sahara Wallet for cashless transactions, and upcoming premium membership feature, Sahara Prime, have made it a rising star in the Nepalese ride-sharing landscape.

5. Taximandu: Taxi-Focused Service

Taximandu, as its name suggests, focuses on taxi services. Introduced in 2019, this app has brought structure and organization to taxi bookings. Users can conveniently book rides or even rent a cab for specific travel needs. Taximandu’s wallet and upcoming food delivery services are further expanding its presence in the local transportation market.

This Dashain, let these top five ride-sharing apps be your partners in travel. Whether you’re visiting family, embarking on a pilgrimage, or simply exploring the beauty of Nepal during the festival, these apps will ensure your journey is seamless and memorable. Celebrate Dashain with convenience and ease, and may your travels be blessed with safety and joy.

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