Escape to Paradise: Grand Norling Hotel’s Resort

The Feasts and Flavours team rested in the resort’s deluxe accommodation during our visit to the Grand Norling Hotel this week. The Bajrayogini Temple, Boudhanath Stupa, and Pashupati Temple are just a few World Heritage Sites that are located close to the Norling Resort. From the rooftop and garden, visitors may take in a breathtaking view of the Gauri Shanker mountain range. The resort’s beautiful green hills, golf course, reindeer, stags, and incredible bird-watching opportunities are among its most prized assets. The Norling Resort also offers cozy lodging, an on-site restaurant serving a range of cuisines, and a swimming pool with views of the Gorkarna Forest.

Himali Alu

What a treat—potato wedges! It has a crisp skin and properly applied seasoning, and the flavor of the jimbu utilized is noticeable.Cooked in ghee the interiors are fluffly. Timur ko Chhop is the side dish for this dish. So this is not your typical potato wedges but so much better!!

Cajun Spicy Chicken Salad

Even the way this chicken salad is presented is artistic!

It is served with an abundance of chicken, mixed greens, cherry tomatoes wrapped in greens, and edible flowers. The amount of seasoning used on the chicken itself makes it fairly different, and the balsamic reduction gives it a sweeter flavor with a bit of tang.

For main course,

Tiger Prawns with pasta arabita

The skin of these prawns provides an additional layer of texture and flavor, and cooking them brings out their inherent sweetness. The prawns are perfectly cooked and smothered in basil pesto sauce. Start your meal with grilled egg plant, red, yellow, and green capsicums, zucchini, and other green veggies. In addition, there is a pleasant surprise in the middle! Penne pasta is given a tangy and moderately spicy flavor by neapolitan sauce. It developed a complex and excellent flavor profile that is both savory and filling when coupled with salty olives and tart capers that have been sautéed in olive oil.

Momo Sizzler on Wine Sauce

A dish that fuses rich and savory wine sauce with the flavors of momos from Nepal. The wine sauce is poured over the hot, sizzling dish of momos when they are served. The sauce, which is prepared using a combination of red wine, herbs, and spices, gives the food a deep depth of flavor and goes well with the momos’ savory filling. The dish also includes some noodles, french fries, and a variety of veggies. My own favorite meal of the week has to be this.

Pork Chop A La Norling

A traditional dish, pork chops with rosemary jus combines the earthy and aromatic flavor of rosemary with the rich and savory taste of pork. Typically, the meat has a hint of sweetness and a thick, porky undertone. While the interiors are luscious and moist, the exteriors are crunchy. Seasonal veggies serve as a vibrant and fresh side dish, while mustard mashed potatoes create a tangy and creamy counterpoint to the meaty flavors. It has a peppery flavor when served with apple chutney.

Tandoori Pizza

Served on top a wooden plate, the presentation itself is elegant. A perfect harmony of flavors and textures is achieved when the crunchy and light crust is topped with spicy tandoori chicken, hot tomato sauce, and gooey mozzarella cheese. A delectable blend of flavors and sensations is created by combining all the components.

Chicken biryani with raita

A delicious combination of flavorful spices, succulent chicken, and fluffy rice characterize the flavor of chicken dum biryani with raita. Aromatic spices, caramelized onions, and tender chicken that has been marinated in yogurt and spices are all packed into the biryani. Every mouthful is a pleasant and delectable experience because to the refreshing and tangy raita, which helps balance the strong flavors of the biryani.

‘I’ve been in this career since 1999. The dishes I served for Feasts and Flavours are my new creations inspired by my years of experience ‘, executive chef, Dhurba Prasad Poudel stated.

‘Grand Norling Hotel’s Resort cares for your comfortable stay, indulgent food and celebration of your special days. Do remember us for any kind of event’, stated, Sunil Kapali, Operation Manager.

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