Spirit of Friday: BBQ dinner at The Malla Hotel

The Malla Hotel is an opulent five-star hotel situated on the edges of Thamel, a popular tourism destination. There are many dining choices available at the hotel, including a bar and a coffee shop. The Malla Hotel has a luxurious, elegant, and comfortable atmosphere. You are welcomed by a friendly ambience as soon as you walk into the lobby. Traditional Nepali artwork and artefacts are used to decorate the hotel’s interior, bringing a feeling of authenticity and cultural depth.

As part of the Feasts and Flavours series this week, we attended a BBQ dinner with live music hosted by The Malla Hotel. Every Friday, a barbecue dinner is offered for just Rs. 1600 per individual. It is a fun and pleasant dining experience that can be ideal for gatherings of friends, family, and even coworkers. The live BBQ station is set up outside in their garden, which has live music and a laid-back ambience. A tumbler of beer, a glass of sparkling wine, or a 30ml of scotch are also options included in the package at the Aviary Bar.

As soon as you enter the outdoor space, the fragrance of the BBQ meat greets you. There are many different dishes available at the live stand. Devilled eggs are a good place to start because they have a distinct, delectable flavor that is creamy with a touch of heat and spice. Then, hummus and pita bread is served; the creamy, tangy hummus combines superbly with the light, chewy pita bread. You also receive a complete menu of Newari food. Aloo sandheko, bodi masala, sesame and spinach, roasted soybean, chicken choila, beaten rice, and live counter of bara are just a few of the dishes that make up this dish’s overall combination of strong and delicate flavours. A variety of seasonings and herbs give it a special and delectable flavour.

Pork belly also has a rich, delectable flavour that is perfectly balanced between sweet and savoury, with flesh that is juicy and tender and a crunchy, charred crust. The charred and natural flavours of the fish combine in a delectable way in the grilled fish. The fried chicken wings were delicious. A delectable flavor is created by the combination of the exterior’s crispy and charred flavour and the juicy interior’s mix of spices. When combined with various BBQ sauces, it tastes incredible.

For vegetarian options, paneer shaslik that contains paneer, tomatoes and capsicums, has a delicious and satisfying taste. Likewise, grilled vegetables and roasted potato has a satisfying taste.

The buffet dinner is served indoors. Food is provided that combines Chinese and Indian flavours. Buttery rice, spaghetti with carbonara or Neapolitan sauce, roasted chicken with mushroom sauce, baked cauliflower, hot and sour fish, kidney beans with tomato sauce, and sautéed vegetables are all included in the meal. The main course offered a wide selection of dishes, each with a distinctive combo of flavours.

The dessert also contained wide varieties of items. They offered everything, including Gajar ka Halwa, assorted pastries, citrus mousse, profiteroles, tiramisu, and fresh cut fruit. The tiramisu is my favourite because it has the ideal balance of richness, and creaminess.

‘Quench your thirst at The Malla Hotel’s perfect ambience and finger licking BBQ’, stated Bijayalata Shrestha, Executive Assistant to General Manager.

Executive Chef of The Malla Hotel Krishna Maharjan

Ram K Pudasaini, Bar & Restaurant Manager

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