Fashion Spotlight:’Face of the Model’ 2023 Winners

On October 14, 2023, Hotel Annapurna was abuzz with glitz, glamour, and the promise of a dazzling future for the world of fashion. The ‘Face of the Model’ fashion competition, organized by the visionary Amisha Oli and masterfully executed by Event Manager Siddhant Poudel, was nothing short of a spectacular affair.

This grand event featured 14 talented lady models who outshone more than 1500 others in the auditions. The judging panel consisted of international models Losina Shakya and Anikith Adhikari, renowned director and producer Raghav B. Basnet, and multi-talented actor Bipin. Notable showtoppers included Bhawana Gurung, Sneha Panta, Jeniya Gurung, and Losina Shakya herself.

Avery Gurung emerged as the winner of ‘Face of the Model 2023,’ while Shreya Subba claimed the title of ‘Rising Model of the Year.’ Nisha Kunwar secured the first runner-up position. Avery Gurung was further honored as the brand ambassador of the ‘Rising Model of the Year,’ and Sudikshya Tamang as the brand ambassador of ‘Face of the Model.’

The organizer’s choices, Sudeshna Shakya for ‘Face of the Model’ and Shayena Sharma for ‘Rising Model,’ added an extra layer of prestige to the event. Guests and judges were warmly appreciated with certificates and tokens of love.

The winners and subtitle holders received certificates of appreciation, gift hampers, trophies, and tokens of love, setting the stage for their international fashion runway debut, music videos, promotional photoshoots, TV advertisements, and short films. The ‘Face of the Model’ competition has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the fashion industry, promising a bright future for its talented winners and participants.

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