Film Development Board takes action against film piracy

On Tuesday on the Interactive program, Bhuvan KC, Executive Chairman of the Film Development Board said that the cyber attacks on actors have increased. The film development board is going to set up a cinema cyber security desk with a hotline number to prevent film piracy on social media.

In the program, KC said, “Although technology has made it easier for us to reach out to audiences and grow the film industry, it has also created new risks in terms of cyber security. There have been several reports of Nepali movies getting leaked online. The film industry has suffered greatly as a result of this. We have found cyber threats on our artists’ privacy and security.” He added steps have been taken to curb this challenge as film piracy on platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Tik Tok has caused huge financial losses to the producers.

The Board has already submitted an application to the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies for the next fiscal year’s budget allocation for the operation and cost of the ‘Cinema Cyber Security’ desk.

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