Nepali Influencer Lhakyila Takes Center Stage in Upcoming Prime Video Series ‘BGDC’

It’s exciting to hear about the upcoming Prime Video series “BGDC” created by Nitya Mehra. The release date on March 14 must be eagerly awaited by fans. The teaser, released on various social media platforms including YouTube, has already generated significant anticipation.

The setting within a boarding school and the focus on female protagonists driving the storyline add an intriguing element to the series. The official description of “BGDC” as a story centered on dreams, aspirations, and sisterhood suggests a compelling and relatable narrative.

In a remarkable achievement for the Nepali influencer community, popular influencer Lhakyila, of Nepali/Tibetan origin, is set to play one of the leading roles in the new web series “BGDC.” This not only highlights the diversity of the cast but also showcases the talents of Nepali influencers on a larger platform.

With such promising elements, it seems like “BGDC” has the potential to be a hit and resonate with a wide audience. March 14 can’t come soon enough for fans to experience the full storyline and characters of this highly anticipated web series.

Photo Credits: Lhakyila