New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

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With a checklist of your resolutions, 2023 is poised for success and surprises.

The countdown to the new year has commenced. While wrapping up 2022, you might be anxious about what your 2023 is going to be like.

The Buzz Nepal recommends some intriguing party suggestions for New Year’s Eve, with which you can kick off 2023.

Countdown wall

New Year’s Eve is incomplete without a countdown. On New Year’s Eve, the excitement for a fresh start grows with every passing second. If you can count the seconds in the middle of the night on New Year’s Eve, why not do it? With the colour that compliments your party’s theme, you can craft an eye-catching balloon wall or an affordable DIY paper backdrop countdown decor.

Recap story

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The previous year may have had several highs and lows throughout the span of 365 days. The majority of us celebrate New Year’s Eve with close friends or family. So, it might be an intriguing segment to have everyone share an overview of the previous year.

Resolution Jar

Making a list of resolutions for the coming year can inspire everyone to make plans for the year ahead. So, why not try doing it in a fun, yet effective way? You can set up a jar with paper and pencils, and play a fun game, where guests try to guess what is written on it. You can also encourage everyone attending the party to draft their own resolutions for the coming year. 


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Who doesn’t like to sing freely with their loved ones? The simplest way to make the party even more enjoyable is with karaoke, in which everyone in the party can take turns singing songs they love on a microphone over a pre-recorded soundtrack.

Exercise dance moves

Without dancing, your party would not be the same. Everyone can join in. You can ask them to pick a song. Then, combine all of their selections into a single dance, party playlist. Also, you can host a guessing game where everyone takes turns to guess who selected which dance track. 

Have your photo booth and prop sets ready

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In the age of Instagram and Pinterest, where everyone can share every moment of their life, having a photo booth and props set up is a great idea. Setting up a section with a fun backdrop with props for photo shoots can be the centre of attraction at your party.

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