Remembering Robin Tamang: A Loss in Nepali Music and Film Industry

Renowned singer and actor Robin Tamang passed away at the age of 60 on Tuesday, as confirmed by his family. His sister, Bhagwati Tamang, discovered his lifeless body at his residence in Budhanilkantha. The authorities were promptly notified, with Bhagwati contacting the police around 6 p.m. Budhanilkantha Police Inspector Dipendra Chand shared that Tamang’s body was then taken to Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital in Maharajgunj for a post-mortem examination.

Originally born in Singapore, Tamang was the youngest of five siblings, and his father served in the British Army. He relocated to Nepal in 1996, dedicating himself to his passion for music. As the lead vocalist of the Nepali rock band ‘Robin and the New Revolution,’ Tamang became widely recognized for his dynamic presence both on stage and in the world of cinema.

Tamang held a special place in the hearts of younger audiences, who cherished his popular hits such as ‘Dam Maro Dam,’ ‘Keta Keti,’ and ‘Bhool Ma Bhulyo’ throughout the years. Additionally, his portrayal of the character ‘Chewang’ in the 2013 film ‘Chhadke’ propelled him into the spotlight as an accomplished actor. Since then, Tamang has acted in several other Nepali feature films, including ‘Chiso Astray,’ ‘Mukuta,’ ‘Naka,’ and ‘Chhadke-2.’

News of Tamang’s untimely demise has prompted an outpouring of condolences on social media platforms from the general public, fellow musicians, and filmmakers. A user shared a poignant memory of their recent meeting, emphasizing Tamang’s desire to stay youthful despite acknowledging the aging process.

The untimely passing of singer and actor Robin Tamang has left a void in the Nepali music and film industries. Known for his energetic performances and memorable hits, Tamang was a beloved figure among the younger generation. His contributions to music and his notable acting roles in Nepali cinema have left a lasting impact. As fans, fellow musicians, and filmmakers mourn his loss, Robin Tamang will be remembered as a talented artist who brought joy and entertainment to the lives of many. His legacy will continue to resonate, inspiring future generations in the realms of music and acting.

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