Salon Basnet and Rubina Thapa in Black Chaya’s ‘Pachasko Note’

Salon Basnet and Rubina Thapa Dance in ‘Black Chaya’s ‘Pachasko Note'” Excitement is in the air as the first song from the upcoming film ‘Black Chaya’ makes its debut. Titled ‘Pachasko Note,’ the song was unveiled by the production team on Tuesday, setting the stage for what promises to be a captivating cinematic experience.

‘Pachasko Note’ is a lively, dance-centric composition featuring the melodious voices of Meena Niraula and Yuvraj Kandel. The song, with lyrics and music crafted by Rajendra Bajhgai, is sure to get audiences moving to its infectious beats.

What sets this song apart is the scintillating dance performance by the dynamic duo of actor Salon Basnet and actress Rubina Thapa. Their chemistry and energy on the screen add an extra layer of excitement to the video. But they are not alone in their dance showcase; the video also introduces seasoned actors such as Dhiren Shakya, Rajendra Khadgi, Janvi Basnet, and Buddhi Tamang, who display their dancing skills in style.

While the video attempts to feature a multitude of actors, it remains highly entertaining and catchy. Choreographed by Kamal Rai, the dance sequences are bound to leave viewers wanting more.

‘Black Chaya,’ with its engaging story, screenplay, and direction by RN Lama Moktan, boasts a talented ensemble cast that includes Neer Shah, Salon Basnet, Rubina Thapa, Buddhi Tamang, Dhiren Shakya, Rajendra Khadgi, Janvi Basnet, and many others. With the release of ‘Pachasko Note,’ the anticipation for the film’s release continues to build, promising a visual and musical treat for audiences.

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