Sushant KC released his new song, “Hawa Le”

‘Hawa Le’ has been a work in progress for over six months and is finally ready to reach the audience.

In recent times, Sushant KC has been exploring and experimenting with his music with tracks like “Yaad,” “Kheladi,” “Bhaagera,” and more, as an attempt to bring contemporary, global music to the Nepalese music industry. “Hawa Le” is a dance song, a crossover of reggae, dub, and urban music.

After being a work in progress for over six months, “Hawai Le” has finally been released. Although 2022 has been more of a year for tours for Sushant KC, he has finally returned to release new music. “Hawa Le” can fill the void in our Nepali music for which his fans have long waited.

How this song was completed has an intriguing story. While returning to Nepal after his show at Joon Fest 2022 in the UK, Sushant KC tested positive for COVID and was quarantined in Doha for seven days. Fortunately, he had his laptop with him, which allowed him to create and record the beats for this song. The beats stayed in his laptop for a while before he started working on the lyrics for the song.

Once he got back to Nepal, he scribbled and scribbled till he came up with the lyrics. Then, he approached his friend, Nayan, to tag along for a trip to Pokhara. As how the whole process started had been quite unusual, the team decided to make a video that would be appealing to the viewers.

In December, they set out on a trip to Pokhara to film this music video, featuring various adventure sports and activities that would possibly enthuse domestic tourists, at the very least, to try out and explore newer experiences.

Although they lacked a solid plan and heavy equipment, the team ultimately managed to create this lively video in a relatively short period of time.

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