Trailer of “Harry Ki Pyari” releases

The film Harry Ki Pyari will be released in theaters on February 3.

The trailer for the romantic comedy film “Harry ki Pyari” has been released starring Jitu Nepal and Samragyee RL Shah. The cast members also include Bijay Baral, Laxmi Giri, Subash Gajurel, Ranjana Bhattarai, and Sarala Rijal. 

The film “Harry Ki Pyari” is produced under the banner of BR Production and directed by Dr. Kapil Rijal. The film will be premiering at cinemas across the country on February 3.

The trailer shows Jitu Nepal as an unmarried village boy with a lively personality whose mother wants him to get married and settle down, while Samragyee RL Shah portrays a modern-day city girl. The trailer depicts a classic tale of two people from different backgrounds who come together with the intention of marrying, as well as the complications and funny moments that arise as a result of their drastically different lifestyles. 

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