Anmol KC Arrested Admidst ‘Rawayan’ Movie Controversy

Nepali film actor Anmol KC has been taken into custody by the Kathmandu Valley Crime Investigation Office amid a legal dispute surrounding the movie ‘Rawayan.’ The controversy emerged when allegations of “criminal treachery” were made against KC by Supriya Katuwal, the producer of ‘Rawayan’ and executive director of Sudarshan Thapa Production Company.

Katuwal claims that Anmol KC’s actions have jeopardized the production of ‘Rawayan’ and a substantial investment of NPR 10.5 million. She asserts that KC, who had initially agreed to play the lead role in the film, suddenly expressed dissatisfaction with the script, leading to delays and uncertainty.

Despite having made substantial pre-production expenses and having contracts in place with actors and production staff, KC’s change of heart prompted Katuwal to file a complaint. She accused him of dishonesty and stated that legal action became necessary to protect the interests of the film industry.

Anmol KC’s involvement in two other films during the same period was cited as a reason for his inability to commit to ‘Rawayan.’ The charge against him falls under Section 252 of the Criminal Code Act, 2074, and pertains to actions that harm, damage, or cause loss to another party when one has agreed to manage their business or has a legal duty to act differently.

The legal proceedings surrounding this case are sure to attract significant attention, as the Nepali film industry watches closely to see how it unfolds.

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