“Papi Manche 3” Announced: Nepali Film Industry Rides the Sequel Trend

The much-awaited third series of the popular Nepali film ‘Papi Manche’, is set to be produced in Nepal. Riding the wave of successful sequels and series in the country’s film industry, the previous two series of ‘Papi Manche’ were box office hits. The film’s poster was unveiled on Wednesday, hinting at an exciting new storyline. Featuring a chimpanzee on the poster, the film will be produced by Rajkumar Rai and directed by Janakdeep Parajuli.

Director Parajuli is making a comeback in the world of film direction after an eight-year hiatus. His last directorial venture was the 2014 film ‘Producer’. As the president of the film director’s society, he chose his birthday as the perfect occasion to announce the production of ‘Papi Manche 3’ through the poster release. Parajuli revealed that the story is currently being written and confirmed that none of the actors from the previous installments will be reprising their roles.

The lead actor in the previous two parts of ‘Papi Manche’ was Nikhil Upreti, who dazzled the audience alongside a talented primate co-star. However, the poster for the third series hints at the inclusion of an animated chimpanzee, indicating a fresh and thrilling addition to the action-packed storyline. The film is expected to fall into the action-thriller genre.

Filming for ‘Papi Manche 3’ will be completed this year, followed by preparations for its release in the upcoming year. The film will be jointly produced under the banners of RC Pictures and Janakdeep Productions. Director Parajuli also assured fans of the inclusion of popular actors in the film, adding to the anticipation and excitement surrounding this highly anticipated sequel. It is worth mentioning that Deepak Shrestha directed the previous two parts of ‘Papi Manche’, marking the start of the trend for making sequels in the Nepali film industry.

The announcement of the production of ‘Papi Manche 3’ has generated great enthusiasm among Nepali film enthusiasts. With the success of its previous installments, the film industry is eagerly awaiting the release of this action-thriller sequel.

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