Pardeshi 2: The Dashain Blockbuster

With the arrival of the festive Dashain season, “Pardeshi 2,” a much-anticipated Nepali film, was released to the public last Friday. The response from audiences has been nothing short of heartening. The film enjoyed decent occupancy on its opening day, and that enthusiasm persisted, with theaters maintaining a solid 70 percent overall occupancy on Saturday. This is undoubtedly a reason for celebration, particularly considering the current circumstances.

What’s truly remarkable is the film’s strong word-of-mouth publicity. It has generated a buzz that’s filling theaters, especially in Kathmandu’s multiplexes. “Pardeshi 2” has clearly gained the trust of moviegoers, pulling them in based on its reputation alone.

The film’s theme, addressing the pressing issue of increasing youth exodus and its societal impact, has resonated deeply with audiences. Consequently, more families are flocking to theaters, leading to an emotional and heartfelt cinematic experience. Viewers have praised the film for its ability to evoke laughter, tears, and contemplation. In some instances, the emotions were so overwhelming that they resulted in tearful embraces between the audience and the talented cast, including Prakash Saput, Keki Adhikari, and Barsha Siwakoti.

Director Narayan Rayamazhi couldn’t be happier with the fantastic turnout in theaters. The film also features an ensemble cast, including Prashant Tamang, Dilip Rayamazhi, Neer Shah, Devendra Bablu, Rama Thapalia, Sabin Bastola, and Roshni Karki.

As Dashain unites families and communities in celebration, “Pardeshi 2” is emerging as a film that perfectly complements the festive spirit. With a compelling storyline and powerful performances, it’s set to make a lasting impact on the cinematic landscape.

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