Paul Shah and Barsha Raut Reunite in ‘Avataar’ Film

Nepali actors Paul Shah and Barsha Raut, known for their debut together in “Nai Nabhannu La 4,” are set to share the screen once more in the forthcoming film “Avataar.” Directed by Everest Surya Bohara, the movie’s first look was recently unveiled, featuring Paul and Barsha in distinct avatars. The film is produced by Bikram Di Joshi and Hiral Joshi and is expected to commence shooting in the upcoming month of Falgun.

Paul and Barsha previously collaborated in the film “Dui Numberi” after their debut, but due to lockdown restrictions and unforeseen circumstances, the filming was halted. However, the duo is back on track with “Avataar,” promising a unique cinematic experience. The film is anticipated to have a strong focus on action, indicating an exciting visual spectacle for the audience.

Director Bohara, renowned for his work, has also announced another project titled “Pujar Sarki,” featuring Paul Shah. With Paul’s newfound freedom after his recent release from prison, he is actively engaging in multiple film projects. Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of “Avataar” as Paul Shah and Barsha Raut reunite to create yet another memorable cinematic journey.

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