Priyanka Karki Shines on ‘Maina Chari’ Music Video: A Visual Delight

On Thursday, June 2, a captivating new song titled “Maina Chari” was released on the RT Entertainment YouTube channel. What makes this release even more intriguing is the fact that it was composed by Jai Bahadur Chand, the commissioner of the Abuse of Authority Investigation Commission and a former AIG. Chand’s foray into the world of music has garnered significant attention.

“Maina Chari” is a melodious composition with lyrics penned by Jai Bahadur Chand himself. The song features the enchanting vocals of Melina Rai, adding a captivating charm to the composition. The music for this captivating piece has been skillfully composed by Maharaj Thapa, with Basant Sapkota contributing to the composition process.

In addition to the talented musical team, the music video of “Maina Chari” features the graceful dance moves of renowned actress Priyanka Karki, choreographed by the talented Kabiraj Gahatraj. The video itself has been expertly captured by Sudip Baral, while the editing was deftly handled by Om Khadka. The entire production was brought to life under the creative direction of Saroj Oli.

As Jai Bahadur Chand explains, “Maina Chari” holds a special significance as a national song, with the hope of instilling a sense of national spirit among the general audience. This talented lyricist’s previous song, “Seto Topi,” garnered widespread recognition for its ability to raise public awareness about traffic-related issues.

With its captivating music, soulful lyrics, and mesmerizing visuals, “Maina Chari” promises to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression. The combination of Jai Bahadur Chand’s lyrical prowess, Melina Rai’s melodious voice, and the creative brilliance of the entire team involved in the music video showcase the immense talent within the Nepali music industry.

The release of “Maina Chari” marks another remarkable milestone in Jai Bahadur Chand’s artistic journey, as he successfully ventures beyond his established professional career into the world of music. This endeavor not only displays his versatility but also adds another dimension to his contributions to the creative landscape of Nepal.

As the song resonates with the listeners and the music video unfolds its visual brilliance, “Maina Chari” promises to become a cherished addition to the ever-growing collection of outstanding Nepali musical compositions.

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