Jaari Movie: A Perfect Blend of Drama, Romance, and Realism

“Jaari” has a perfect chemistry between Miruna Magar and Dayahang Rai that keeps you intrigued and excited throughout the film.

“Jaari” recounts the tale of a Limbu society in which a couple’s troubled marriage becomes the talk of the town. Namsang (Dayahang Rai) and Hangma (Miruna Magar) are a Limbu couple who have been married for about 5 years. They love each other, but friction arises when Namsang expects a child from his wife, who is unable to conceive. Hangma is humiliated in front of the community and subjected to abuse by her husband as a result.

Unable to endure her in-laws’ torture and humiliation, Hangma flees to her ancestral home. Her mother pleads with her to overcome her anger and return to her in-laws, but Hangma refuses, as the wounds are still fresh. On the other hand, Namsang’s mother urges him to leave behind the marital discord and start a new life, but he disregards her advice. One day, Hangma and her friends attend a village festival to learn more about the community and its people. There, she meets a tall and handsome man with a good reputation. She elopes with him but soon finds herself on another arduous path as he abandons her just two days into their marriage.

When Namsang learns the truth about his wife from his friend Mangal Singh, he can no longer contain his rage. As a result, his family demands Jaari from Hangma’s family, while Namsang wishes to harm his wife. Namsang goes to Hangma’s home to settle the Jaari, but her family is unable to make the payment and requests more time. Namsang remains indifferent and demands immediate payment, threatening to take Hangma as a slave. Life becomes difficult for Hangma and her family.

The cast of “Jaari” delivers outstanding performances. Dayahang Rai portrays Namsang, the spoiled only son of the family, with great skill. His character’s emotions undergo a transformation throughout the film, from a furious husband to a loving one, and Dayahang’s performances are a pleasure to watch. As an audience, we both hate and empathize with his character.

Miruna Magar shines as Hangma, a prominent character in the film. Miruna effectively conveys Hangma’s misery and sadness due to her husband’s erratic behavior. Her spouse treats her as less than human because she cannot conceive. Miruna’s portrayal is remarkable, and as the story progresses, we sympathize with Hangma, considering the hatred and torment she endures. Hangma’s character also shows us how love and healing can overcome any obstacle.

Bijay Baral, who plays Mangal Singh, is another standout in the film. He excels at portraying a helpful and dedicated community member as well as being a humorous friend. Whenever Bijay appears on screen, the audience is captivated by his genuine expressions. The combination of Bijay and Dayahang’s performances brings laughter to the viewers. Their chemistry is fantastic.

Director Upendra Subba, who is also the writer, has done an outstanding job creating such a beautiful film. The plot may be conventional, but the presentation and cinematography are compelling. Mr. Subba, in his directorial debut, showcases his potential as a filmmaker. Known for creating remarkable films, he is now embarking on a new career path, and “Jaari” demonstrates his talent. We look forward to seeing more great films from Upendra Subba in the future.

“Jaari” is a highly realistic movie that depicts the life of the Limbu community. The characters, cinematography, dialogue, and overall presentation of the film keep you engaged, evoking laughter and tears. Don’t miss “Jaari”; it is undoubtedly one of the year’s finest films. An absolutely wonderful movie!

“Jaari” Movie Rating: 4/5

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