Satidevi: Malika Mahat Shines in Rebellious Role

The upcoming film “Sati Devi” has sparked public discussion with the release of its poster, featuring lead actress Malika Mahat in a rebellious role. The movie, written, directed, and produced by Laxman Subedi, showcases Malika adorned in a red kurthasuruwal, wearing a mohar on her forehead, and wearing a necklace made of bells. The rural backdrop on the poster suggests that Malika’s character may be involved in a social rebellion.

The film, produced by Shreedevi Subedi, features notable performances from Harshika Wali and Manjila Baniya, along with Malika. The cast also includes Kuldeep Adhikari, Sirjana Adhikari, Sandeepbabu Lohni, Ramesh Budhathoki, Bhola Sapkota, Sujita Siwakoti, Sandesh Limbu, Manisha Sapkota, Bimal Shrestha, and Ishwari Singh.

With music composed by Deepak Sharma and Subash Bhusal, the film’s songs are voiced by Pratap Das, Deepa Lama, Mamata Gurung, and Sabin Subedi. The movie, edited by Babu Shrestha and choreographed by Ramji Lamichhane, promises to be a captivating cinematic experience. The presence of Dilasha and Sara Subedi in the movie ensures a dynamic and engaging storyline. The film, set against the backdrop of the historical Rajput village, hints at themes of social rebellion, making it an eagerly awaited release in the Nepali film industry.

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