Why is Sandeep Lamichhane Left behind for the ICC World Cup Quaifiers?

The Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) has made the decision to keep Sandeep Lamichhane in Nepal until the final verdict of the ongoing rape case against him is announced. This move is a result of the impending court case, as Lamichhane is required to be present at the court for hearings almost every week.

According to Durga Pathak, the acting secretary of CAN, the duration of the court proceedings remains uncertain. Considering this uncertainty, the association has chosen to leave Lamichhane behind while the rest of the squad is traveling to South Africa today for the upcoming ICC World Cup Qualifiers. The team will participate in four practice matches as part of their preparation.

Pathak emphasized that it is difficult to determine when Lamichhane will be able to rejoin the team, as it depends on the conclusion of the court case. Given that it is a legal matter, the association refrains from making any predictions at this stage.

Furthermore, Pathak mentioned that Lamichhane is currently experiencing stress due to the court case. In light of this, CAN has granted him personal time to deal with the situation.

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