Arrest Warrants Issued to Sudarshan Thapa in ‘Prasad 2’ Film Controversy

“Arrest Warrants Issued in ‘Prasad 2’ Film Controversy A storm of controversy has erupted around the film ‘Prasad 2’ as arrest warrants have been issued for director Sudarshan Thapa and editor Milan Shrestha. This development comes in response to a complaint filed by producers Sudarshan Basnet and Jack Shrestha, who accuse the duo of fraud and betrayal.

The complaint alleges that the film was screened both domestically and internationally without the producers’ permission, leading to legal action. OSR Digital Director Om Prakash Agarwal is also named in the complaint and was subsequently arrested by the police.

As the search for director Sudarshan Thapa and editor Milan Shrestha continues, this legal dispute raises questions about intellectual property rights and artistic collaboration in the world of cinema. The court has granted permission to detain Om Prakash Agarwal for four days for further investigation, indicating that this controversy is far from over.

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