Experience Thamel Mela Magic Every Saturday!

In a delightful collaboration between Nepali Muser and Delima Garden Cafe, Thamel Mela took center stage at Chhaya Center, Kathmandu, on December 9, 2023. This captivating event, meticulously curated by the visionary minds of Niraj Shrestha and Biju Shrestha, has now become a recurring spectacle, gracing Chhaya Center every Saturday with its vibrant presence.

Thamel Mela unfolded as a multifaceted carnival, transforming the venue into a haven of joy and cultural celebration. Boasting a dynamic array of attractions, the event featured over 50 stalls, each showcasing a unique blend of furniture, home decor, delectable food stalls, captivating canvas art, and a lively musical competition.

The ambiance was further enriched by a dedicated kids’ section, offering free fun games, colorful balloons, and an assortment of Nepalese products, handicrafts, tattoos, and garments.

The event’s promotional tagline, “Gaida Aaudaicha,” served as an enchanting invitation, luring people to immerse themselves in the cultural richness and festive spirit of Thamel Mela.

The resounding success of last Saturday’s event was evident in the overwhelming turnout, with more than 3500 enthusiastic participants, all eager to partake in the joyous festivities.

From the infectious laughter echoing through the air to the diverse experiences offered at every stall, Thamel Mela proved to be more than just an event—it was a celebration of culture, community, and sheer merriment.

As Thamel Mela establishes itself as a weekly rendezvous, make sure to mark your calendars. Don’t miss the opportunity to join in the celebration, laughter, and vibrant spirit of Thamel Mela—it’s an experience that promises to leave a lasting impression each and every Saturday at Chhaya Center.

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