Gailai Charana: New Music Video of Pushpa and Rajani

In recent times, actor Pushpa Khadka has been actively engaged in the world of music videos, signaling a potential entry into the cinema arena through this creative avenue. His affinity for music videos has been evident, and he recently released a new one titled ‘Gailai Charana,’ showcasing his acting prowess. In this video, Pushpa shares the screen with actress Rajani Gurung, forming a captivating on-screen pair.

The inclusive musical composition features vocals by Bimal Pariyar, Tara Thapa Magar, and Batti Kumari Thapa, with lyrics and music by Ramesh Pariyar. The original song, rooted in folk traditions, effortlessly captures the audience’s hearts with its soulful melody.

Directed by Mausam Himali, the video uniquely presents a love story set in a rural backdrop, offering a fresh perspective on romantic narratives. The chemistry between Pushpa and Rajani adds an extra layer of charm to the video, making it a visual treat for viewers.

Behind the scenes, cinematographer Navaraj Upreti captures the scenic locations beautifully, enhancing the overall visual appeal. The video’s narrative direction is credited to Bishal Ghimire, while the editing magic is done by Manoj Karki. With its authentic musicality and visually captivating storytelling, ‘Gailai Charana’ stands as a testament to Pushpa Khadka’s versatile talents and the collaborative efforts of the talented team behind the scenes.

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