Horror Comedy Sequel: Chandramukhi 2 Movie Review

The long-awaited sequel, “Chandramukhi 2,” starring Raghava Lawrence and Kangana Ranaut, is here, but it seems to lack the charm that made the 2005 Rajinikanth-Jyotika blockbuster a classic. Directed by P. Vasu, this horror comedy attempts to recapture the magic of its predecessor but falls short in many aspects.

In a genre that has become increasingly common, “Chandramukhi 2” struggles to stand out. The film starts with a nostalgic throwback to the early 2000s, complete with a hero-introduction fight and song, but fails to recapture the same excitement. The comedy feels forced, and even Vadivelu’s once-brilliant humor falls flat.

The plot departs from the psychological intrigue of the first film, opting for a more conventional supernatural storyline. Characters are one-dimensional, and performances lack depth, even from seasoned actors like Radikaa Sarathkumar.

Despite these drawbacks, the film has moments of redemption. P. Vasu cleverly expands the backstory of Vettaiyan and Chandramukhi, building on the established legend from the original. Keeravani’s music captures the essence of Vidyasagar’s work, and the presence of Kangana Ranaut and Raghava Lawrence holds the audience’s attention.

“Chandramukhi 2” ends up being a mixed bag, catering to those seeking a momentary diversion rather than a substantial cinematic experience. It attempts to revive the nostalgia of its predecessor but doesn’t quite reach the same heights. Whether you find it passable or underwhelming will likely depend on your mood as a viewer.

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