“Sirupate Jungama” of Chakka Panja-4 is Top on YouTube

Chakka Panja is doing great in theaters with a housefull audience and it seems like everyone is enjoying the movie, its humour, comedy, and the way of presentation. Not only that, but it also makes a great sensation on YouTube. With only just six days of release on YouTube, the song titled “Sirupate Jungama” is able to rock on the top. This song is number one on YouTube with more than two million views which seems quite impressive and is trending this week.

The song was composed by Shankar Adhikari “Ghayal” and sung by Babul Giri, with chorus vocals by Aayush Khatiwada and Pabitra Gurung. Giri himself composed and arranged the song, which has a catchy rhythm, chorus, and voice that make someone fall in love with the song. The song also shows the romance between Deepak Raj Geeri and Benisha Hamal.

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