Smirnoff Food Bloggers Meet at Bawarchi

George Bernard Shaw once said, “Food brings with it a sense of community, happiness and enjoyment.” Well, this surely reflected at the Food Bloggers Meet and Greet hosted by Bawarchi Nepal and sponsored by Smirnoff. The warm hospitality and delectable food from the hosts, Bawarchi, the smoothness of the vodka by the official sponsor, Smirnoff, and of course the excitement of the joyful food enthusiasts summed up the magical evening of the 13th of January.

Love Eat Repeat
Kata Khane

The meet saw reknowed food bloggers of K-town: Foodnommics, Nepali Food Traveller, Lil.foodie, Love Eat Repeat, Kata Khane, Blur Diet, Foodie Sisters Nepal, Mr.Foodio Foodie and Nepali muser. The dinner started with a cocktail shot, moving on to delicious starters which included Mustang aloo and Schezwan Chicken paired with a glass of Mast Masala (cocktail).

Shot of Smirnoff to kick start the evening

In conversation with one of the server of the Baagh Chal Bar, he said, “The cocktail is named Mast Masala. It is Smirnoff Vodka based infused with cumin seed, cloves, sugar syrup, lime juice, sprite, corriander and garnished with rose petals. It goes perfectly well with the schezwan chicken we are serving today.”

Since two decades Bawarchi has been serving the best of Indian, Fusion Indian and Tangra Chinese cuisines. Well, they surely impressed all the food bloggers with their special flavors in the main course. The main course laid out Chicken Dum Biryani served with Raita, and Butter Chicken to go along with Garlic Naan and different chutneys to go along with it. Of course, it is not complete with a side plate of garden green salad. Everyone devoured the scrumptious delicacies.

Schezwan Chicken
Chicken Dum biryani & Butter chicken

“When we visit Bawarchi, it is very warm & comfy. You feel royal. It’s cozy to sit and have my comfort food, the Indian food”, Foodnommics, one of the food blogger said.

The evening ended with a mouthful of Gulab Jamun for dessert. Just like the sweetness of the popular Indian desserts, everybody thoroughly enjoyed the ultimate fine dining experience offered by the host. After all, food is the way to the heart. With lots of photos taken, we could actually witness the efforts these food enthusiasts put into their works. Delicious food, joyful conversations, a unity among the food enthusiasts, and tons of selfies summarized the sublime experience provided by the host Bawarchi.


Food isn’t just about what you get on the plate. It’s the entire experience for me so the quality of the food and the warm hospitality certainly sets Bawarchi apart from others”, Nepali Food Traveller said.

Nepali muser

Article By: Simran Shrestha

Photos By: Ayush Maharjan

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