The Uphill Battle for Recognition of Nepalese-Made Vehicles

Known for its cutting-edge electric motorcycles, Yatri Motor Bikes is a start-up in Nepal. The company, which was founded in 2017, seeks to transform the transportation sector in Nepal and worldwide by providing fashionable, environmentally friendly alternatives to conventional motorcycles.

Despite of it’s amazing features, it has been facing quite a lot of hurdles in the Nepalese roads. This bike has not yet received a number plate hence, many face challenges with the Nepali traffic systems.

The lack of a registration provision for vehicles made in Nepal is due to the outdated Motor Vehicles and Transport Management Act of 1993, which was created under the assumption that Nepal would not produce its own vehicles.

However, according to the law private vehicles need to have a red number plate with white letters and numbers. But due to lack of provision for made in Nepal Vehicles, these bikes have white number plates with black letters/numbers. Despite Yatri’s efforts to request registration arrangements for their vehicles from various government departments, the company has yet to see any progress.

The importance of products being manufactured inside Nepal cannot be overstated. Such products have the potential to boost the economy and create jobs. Domestic manufacturing promotes the growth of local industries and nurtures a sense of national pride and identity. Therefore, it is essential for Nepal to revise its laws and create a comprehensive provision for products made within the country.

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