Unconventional Makeup : Lasata Tuladhar

Meet Lasata Tuladhar, a freelance makeup artist and content creator. Fueled by a burning passion for creativity, she brings unique makeup looks to life. Whether it’s for a special occasion or everyday glam, she’s ready to make you look and feel your best. Let’s get to know her more.

What led you to start a career in makeup artistry and what motivated you to pursue this profession initially?

 As a child, I was drawn to art and craft, and my fascination with makeup came as no surprise since it’s also a form of art. In 2019, I enrolled in a makeup course and found it easy to comprehend due to my background in painting and sketching. Expressing my creativity through makeup brought me immense joy, and the compliments I received encouraged me to pursue a career as a professional makeup artist.

 Who are some of the makeup artist you look up to and draw inspiration from?

Ms. Suneeta Shrestha and Ms. Lemi Tamang have been my inspiring mentors, and I aspire to emulate their talent, hard work, ambition, and humility. Along with them, international artists like James Charles, Promise Tamang, and Pony have also been valuable inspirations, and I’ve learned a lot from their content.

What does makeup mean to you?

For me, makeup is art. Just like painting on papers, canvases and walls, makeup is like painting on faces and bodies to express your creativity. It  enhances our facial features and helps us feel good about ourselves. Makeup is Pure Joy make.  Every time I have the chance to do makeup, I feel incredibly excited. I simply adore discovering all the things that makeup can accomplish.

A project that you are particularly proud of and why?

I seized a colossal opportunity by participating in James Charles’ international campaign. I created a unique makeup look inspired by Thangka Painting to represent my country, investing weeks of planning and 12 hours of execution. I had no expectations upon submitting it, but it brought me an abundance of support and even a reply from James Charles himself. This project opened doors for me and gave me opportunities I’m thankful for, and it’s a cherished moment.

How do you ensure that your makeup looks great both on camera and in person?

Good skincare is crucial for makeup to appear flawless on camera and in person. While lighting and editing can cause a difference in appearance, texture on the skin cannot be smoothed out in real life. Accepting this fact, we need to ensure that we follow each skincare and makeup step meticulously, paying attention to every detail, to achieve a flawless look both on camera and in person.

Walk us through your creative process.

I draw inspiration for makeup looks from social media, saving my favorites to my Pinterest board. I plan everything, from hairstyles to accessories and makeup products, taking care with every detail. I prefer creating accessories and props from scratch instead of buying them. After planning for a few days, I create the final makeup look, take photos and videos, edit everything myself, and post it on social media.

What is your signature look? 

My signature look is a dewy natural makeup using a little of everything. I mix foundation with an illuminator, use concealer, powder, tint for blush/contour/lip, thin straight eyeliner, mascara, highlighter pen for inner waterline, dark eyeshadow for outer waterline, soap and brow pen for brows, and liquid highlighter for an extra glow.

What are some of the biggest challenges you faced as a makeup artist in Nepal?

As a Nepali  makeup artist, I face challenges in sourcing makeup products from international brands directly. We lack stores like Sephora or Ulta and shipping to Nepal is often expensive and complicated. Additionally, the variety of makeup products available in Nepal is limited.

How did you overcome these challenges?

The makeup market in Nepal has improved thanks to the emergence of a few online stores that facilitate purchasing makeup products from abroad. For instance, stores like Pretty Click have been instrumental in providing us access to authentic products.

In creating a makeup look for your clients, how do you manage to balance your own creativity with their specific requirements and preferences?

While doing a client’s makeup, we must make the client trust the process. It’s also better to ask the client for their preference as the client knows best about what would suit them better. Keeping that in mind, we must work with our own creativity and knowledge. Everyone have their own way of doing things so there’s always something new we can learn from others too. So, we must adjust our work accordingly. 

 What is your favorite makeup product and why do you love it?

The product that I prefer the most is Eyeliner because it helps enhance my favorite feature, which is my eyes. If I had to choose just one makeup product, I would go for a smudge-proof and water-resistant eyeliner.

‘The craziest makeup look I created would be turning myself into an Avatar. You know it’s crazy when you stare at yourself in the mirror and can’t even recognize yourself. After creating that look, I got stained Blue for few days’, Lasata Tuladhar stated.

If you could do anyone’s makeup, who would it be and why?

I would love the opportunity to do makeup for K-Pop idols, as I have been a fan since childhood. Their makeup looks are always so vibrant, sparkling, and create a smooth, porcelain-like finish on their skin, which I find fascinating and would love to try it on them.

How do you want to impact the beauty industry in Nepal as a makeup artist?

People in Nepal tend to prefer bridal or party makeup over other types, leaving little room for exploring more creative makeup styles like Avant Garde, SFX, Fantasy, Fashion, and Editorial. However, I love expressing my creativity through makeup and find joy in doing so, regardless of the financial rewards. Although there is more money in doing bridal and party makeup in Nepal, I don’t limit myself to those styles and instead explore the full range of possibilities with makeup. I hope to inspire other artists to do the same.

What are your goals in your career as a makeup artist and how do you plan to achieve them?

I’m currently freelancing to gain experience and build connections in Nepal’s makeup industry. My future plan is to open a makeup studio, but I’ll first go abroad to polish my skills. As a content creator, I’ll keep creating new content and plan to launch my own makeup line with a creative touch.

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