Vianet’s Exciting Offer: Refer 4 Friends & Win Big

Vianet Communication, Nepal’s foremost Internet Service Provider (ISP), is excited to introduce a new promotion called “Refer 4 Friends & Win Big.” In this special offer, customers who successfully refer four friends or family members will receive a free pair of Ultima Wireless Earbuds along with four months of complimentary internet service.

This offer is an extension of Vianet’s already popular festive campaign, “Chaadma Chauka.” As part of the festive promotion, Vianet unveiled new cost-effective internet packages, starting at just Rs. 700 + VAT per month. Additionally, customers were provided with up to a 50% discount on ULTIMA Wireless Earbuds and HIMSTAR Home Appliances.

The “Refer 4 Friends & Win Big!” offer is set to run from November 2nd, 2023, through November 25th, 2023. During this period, Vianet customers have the opportunity to refer four friends or family members to join the Vianet family and enjoy the following exclusive benefits:

  1. FREE ULTIMA ATOM 192 Wireless Earbuds: Customers who successfully refer four friends within the specified time frame will receive a complimentary pair of ULTIMA ATOM 192 Wireless Earbuds.
  2. Four Months of Free Internet for themselves: With each successful referral, Vianet customers earn one month of free internet as part of the standard referral scheme. By referring four customers, the referrer would have already earned four months of free internet.
  3. 1 Month of FREE Internet for their referral: The friends or family members being referred also receive one month of free internet when they subscribe to an Ultra-Fi plan as part of Vianet’s standard referral scheme.

This extension of their promotions is a reflection of Vianet’s appreciation for its valued customers, who have made “Chadma Chauka” a tremendous success. The company recognizes the significance of staying connected, and with this offer, Vianet aims to reward its customers’ loyalty and provide even more reasons to celebrate.

Ms. Sewa Pathak, CEO of Vianet Communication, expressed, “Our commitment to delivering exceptional value and an unmatched internet experience remains unwavering. We are thrilled to introduce the ‘Refer 4 Friends & Win Big!’ offer as an expression of our gratitude to their customers. This offer allows the customers to enjoy high-speed internet, complimentary wireless earbuds, and share the Vianet experience with loved ones.”

Don’t miss this chance to “Refer 4 Friends and Win Big!” Connect more, share more, and enjoy more with Vianet Communication.

For additional details about the “Chadma Chauka” campaign and the “Refer 4 Friends & Win Big!” offer, please visit Vianet’s website at

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